Local students enjoy tour of discovery at Port of Teignmouth

November 28, 2018

Pupils from the Brook Green Centre for Learning tour Port of Teignmouth

A group of students from Brook Green Centre for Learning have visited the Port of Teignmouth to learn more about its vital role in the region’s supply chain and the career opportunities it provides.
To begin their introduction to the port, students were given an informative presentation by the Teignmouth Operations Manager, which was later followed by a quiz and discovery tour of the site. During their trip, they had a chance to see up close some of the large machinery used at the port, including one of ABP’s newest Mantsinen cranes, representing an £850,000 investment in the port.

Jon Spree, Citizenship Teacher at Brook Green Centre for Learning, said: “We are grateful to ABP’s team in Teignmouth for welcoming our students to the port and thus providing such a unique learning opportunity.

“We really enjoyed the presentation and the port quiz which followed. The way the whole day was structured allowed students to learn more about maritime in a fun and engaging way, which may encourage many of them to seek out more information about the sector in future.”

Alex Chinchen, ABP Divisional Port Manager – South West, said: “Despite the fact that our port is just around the corner for many local schools, more often than not, pupils have limited knowledge of what goes on within its confines.

“To address this, we have designed a range of educational presentations and regularly run open days for school children, among other community groups, in the hope of sparking their interest in maritime. Raising awareness around the wide range of roles available in the sector is key to attracting future talent.”

Organising Brook Green Centre’s visit to the Port of Teignmouth is just one of the ways in which ABP collaborates with local schools to introduce maritime as a rewarding career option, while also helping to boost students’ skills.

In addition, ABP offers school students living in areas surrounding its vast network of 21 ports, the opportunity to experience a ‘day in the working life’ within maritime. These experience days help develop students’ understanding of a wide range of topics including environmental management and engineering, while building up their confidence and improving their future career prospects.