ABP completes latest phase of £400,000 investment in Ipswich Haven Marina

August 29, 2018

Caption: New boat hoist is ready for action at Ipswich Haven Marina

A new 75-tonne boat hoist has been delivered to the Port of Ipswich as part of ABP’s ongoing investment in the improvement of equipment and port infrastructure.

The £200,000 hoist is part of the latest phase of a £400,000 investment by ABP to improve the services it provides to Haven Marina customers. The boat hoist will be used primarily to bring vessels out of the water for maintenance, repair, or storage.

Earlier this year, ABP’s team also completed the £80,000 purchase of a state-of-the-art boat mover capable of transporting vessels of up to 25 metres in length around the marina site. The machine will also allow for the storage of boats closer together, making more efficient use of the storage area available at the marina.

In addition, a further £60,000 has been invested in the purchase of new cradles for the boat mover, increasing the mover’s capacity. In May 2017, ABP also made improvements to CCTV cameras located in the marina, further ensuring the safety of its customers.

Andrew Harston, ABP Short Sea Ports Director, said: “We are committed to always providing the best for our customers, which is why we continue to upgrade the equipment available at our marina.

“We are proud that Ipswich’s Haven Marina draws tourists and yachting enthusiasts from across the UK and abroad to enjoy the cultural wealth of the town, further strengthening tourism in Suffolk.”