High mast lighting to deliver major energy savings

July 10, 2018

Caption: High mast lighting in the Port of Southampton

The first phase of a project to convert all high mast lighting at the Port of Southampton to energy efficient LED lighting has been completed and will generate significant energy savings.

Upgrading more than 100 high mast lighting columns around the port and implementing an enhanced lighting control system, will deliver a 50% reduction in lighting energy consumption and should save the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 200 homes.

This project forms part of ABP Southampton’s long-term commitment to delivering port services in the most sustainable way.

High mast lighting around the port is essential to enable operations to continue throughout the night, as the UK’s number one export port keeps Britain trading. Additional benefits of the LED lighting include enhanced safety for workers as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions and sky-glow during the evening.

ABP Southampton Director Alastair Welch said: “We want to be the leading port in the UK for promoting sustainability across our operations. This project is part of a package of proposals to continue to minimise the impact of port operations on our environment, while we also accelerate improvements in air quality in and around the port.”

Half of all the port’s high mast lighting systems have been replaced with new LED lights by CU Phosco with the remainder due for replacement in 2019. The final phase will follow in 2020 with all remaining street lighting on the port upgraded.