New tidal barrier arrives at ABP's Port of Ipswich to defend town against floods

November 1, 2017

Caption: New tidal barrier arrives at ABP’s Port of Ipswich

The Port of Ipswich has welcomed a new tidal barrier, which will help keep thousands of properties within flooding risk areas in Ipswich safe.

The new 200 tonne tidal barrier gate, which arrived on a barge that was towed from Holland, is part of the Environment Agency’s £70 million Ipswich Flood Barrier Scheme. The project, which aims to protect around 2,000 properties in Ipswich from flooding in the future is being undertaken by VBA, a joint venture between Volker Stevin, Boskalis Westminster and Atkins.

The project involves the design, construction and installation of a 20m wide tidal barrier gate, the construction of piled flood defence walls on either side of the barrier as well as other infrastructure to protect the local community against flooding.

Paul Ager, Divisional Port Manager – East Coast, said: “We have been working closely with the Environmental Agency, VBA and their contractors to ensure the Port of Ipswich remained open at all times to help the smooth delivery of the barrier.

“We are also grateful for the cooperation of the Harwich Haven Authority and the marine and towage contractors involved in the project, who helped plan the arrival of the barrier aboard the vessel Christina. We are committed to continuing to collaborate with the Environmental Agency to ensure the success of the scheme and help keep Ipswich’s community safe.”

Andrew Usborne, Environment Agency Project Manager, said: “This is a great day for the Ipswich scheme as a significant milestone has been achieved. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in installing the gate and all the mechanical and electrical systems that will make the gate operate.”

Following its arrival at the port, the barrier will be lifted and placed in its final location in November 2017.