No.3 2019 approaches to Lowestoft - Possible Shoaling East of Harbour Entrance

No.2 2019 Revision of Schedule 2 to Lowestoft Pilotage Directions

No.1 2019 Notices to Mariners in Force

No.38 2018 Bridge Channel New Navigation Lights

No. 37 2018 Yacht and Small Craft Waiting Pontoon

No. 36 2018Revised Port Safety and Environmental Notice for Masters - Attachment

No.35 2018 Lowestoft revised Small Craft and Yachts Notice - Attachment

No. 34 2018 Lowestoft Outer Harbour - Hamilton Peninsula - Boarding Ladder

No.32 2018 Lowestoft Outer Harbour - Resumption of Quay Wall Maintenance and Repair

No.32 2017 Pilot Boarding Arrangement checks

No.24 2017  Passage Plan Publication

No.22 2017  Reporting of Vessel Movements

No.5 2017 Use of Weighted Heaving Lines

No.12 2016 MCA Safety Alert - Lifting Equipment on Workboats

No.24 2015 Use of Lifejackets

No.19 2013 Non-Routine Towage

No.17 2013 Pilot Boarding Arrangements

No.3 2012  Bunkering Checklist

No 19 2011 Update Small Craft Information

No.10 2011 Bridge Transits, Lowestoft Harbour

No.7 2011  Port Traffic Lights

No.19 2009 STS Passengers Landing

No.13 2007 Passive Smoking on Vessels

No.5 2006 International Catering Waste