Lowestoft Marine

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Situated directly opposite major Continental ports, the Port of Lowestoft serves the busy sea routes between the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic States. The port is linked by A-roads to the M11 and M1 and has quayside rail links. Nearby, Norwich Airport is linked to destinations in the UK and Europe.

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Key statistics and berthing information

  • Around 100,000 tonnes handled every year

  • Total port acreage = 97 acres


Normal acceptance dimensions of vessels
Dock, Jetty or Quay
Quay length
Outer Harbour – Docks
1,400 m
125 m
35 m
5.5 m
5.2 m
Entrance Channel & Inner Harbour
2,100 m
125 m
22 m
6.0 m
5.7 m