Pilotage Information

Pilotage is available 24 hours a day subject to conditions below. Vessels wishing to enter the dock system are subject to the tidal entrance gate limitations. The gate opens, on request, 21/2 Hours before High Water and closes at, or shortly after, High Water. 

Barrow Tide Tables 2019


1. Pilotage in the Barrow Competent Harbour Authority area is compulsory.

2. The following vessels are excluded from compulsory pilotage except if carrying more than 12 passengers or loaded with dangerous substances, in which case they may be required by ABP to take a pilot:

(a) Vessels of less than 50m in length.

(b) Vessels changing berths within Barrow Docks.

3. Ship Masters and bona fide First Mates who trade regularly into the Barrow Competent Harbour Authority area may be granted Pilotage Exemption Certificates upon application to the Harbour Master.

4. Notwithstanding Pilotage Directions 2 and 3 above, any vessel not exempt from compulsory pilotage by the Pilotage Act, 1987 may be required to take a Pilot for reasons of safety.

5. Masters of vessels are cautioned that the Channels approaching Barrow are subject to changing depths, frequent survey and dredging operations. Vessels when navigating without a pilot should obtain information and instructions from the Harbour Master via Barrow Port Radio before attempting passage of the Channels.

6. The pilot embarkation/disembarkation position is Lightning Knoll, Latitude 53°59.8’N Longitude 003°14.2’W


1. Vessels bound for Barrow should communicate their ETA at the Pilot embarkation position (Lightning Knoll) to the Harbour Master via Barrow Port Radio either directly or through their local agents at least 24 hours before arrival. Ships with an ETA between 1100 hours on a Friday and 0745 hours the following Monday (or 0745 hours on the following Tuesday in the case of Bank Holiday weekends) must give at least 36 hours notice of arrival.

2. Vessels should communicate their ETD to the Harbour Master via Barrow Port Radio as soon as possible before sailing.


Barrow Marine Control (24 Hours)

Telephone +44 (0) 1229 615900

Email barrowmc@abports.co.uk

VHF 'Barrow Port Radio' channel 12