Port of Ayr

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Situated on the West Coast of Scotland at the entrance to the Firth of Clyde, the Port of Ayr has easy access to rail networks and via trunk roads to the M77 for Glasgow, M8 for Edinburgh, and M74 for links to Northern England.

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Key statistics and berthing information

  • Handles around 360,000 tonnes each year

  • Total port acreage = 40 acre

  • Figures below with reference to DEPTH OF WATER relates to average depths at HW. This figure varies depending on Spring and Neap tides.

  • To calculate Max Draught for the Port of Ayr, Please use the following calculations as stated below:

  • Max Draft River berths ( 3,4,5,15/16) : HW Ayr - 0.8m

  • Max Draft Griffin Dock: HW Ayr - 1.0m

  • Port of AYR is classified as a NAABSA (Sand/Silt)

  • To Calculate Minimum and Maximum Depths at each berth please use the following information Click here.

    Normal acceptance dimension of vessels
    Dock, Jetty or Quay
    Quay length
    Depth of Water
    Draught average figure
    Approx. dwt
    Griffin Dock
    610 m
    6.0 m at HW
    95 m
    18 m
    5.8 m at HW
    River berths
    549 m
    6.7 m at HW
    110 m
    No restriction
    6.2 m at HW