Ensuring all of our people go home safely every day is at the heart of our values 

Working safely and sustainably is about carrying out activities without endangering yourself, others or the environment. It is about being able to identify hazards, evaulate risks and use appropriate precautions to carry out your work. It is about reporting accidents and incidents so they don't happen again. It is about going home safely every day. 

You can report a safety or environment matter relating to any of our ports, sites or activities to us here or call our automated voicemail on 084 5034 4570 and leave a message.

Director of  Maritime and Compliance, Mike McCartain is the ABP Board member with responsibility for health and safety matters with the ABP Group.

Download a copy of ABP's Health and Safety Policy Statement here

Find out more about the experience of working in a port by playing our interactive 3-D game. Click here to lauch the game. 


Key contact:


Peter Wilkinson - Group Health & Safety Manager
01482 608440